This is the story of THAT SUMMER … the one when everything changes.

Emerald has grown up in a privileged world – the beloved daughter of a wealthy family, friends with all the right people, social media addict. But Emerald's family has secrets – and when Emerald finds her mum unconscious on the bathroom floor, no one can pretend any more. Now she's being packed off to stay with her grandma in Ireland while her mum recuperates and her dad just works and works and works.

Grandma's big, lonely house is set back from the beach, and there's no phone signal or wifi. It's going to be a long summer ... Until she meets Liam.

When you're falling in love, it's hard to tell someone everything. Even if you've got nothing to hide any more. And when secrets and lies are all you're used to, how do you deal with real love – brave and true – with no filter?

The fresh, funny and poignant debut novel from Orlagh Collins, a bright new voice in YA fiction. Authentic, down to earth and sweepingly romantic all at once, No Filter is perfect for fans of John Green, Rainbow Rowell and Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

My daughter devoured this book in 24 hours and LOVED it!
— Mariella Frostrup
summer romance with an edge.
— Irish Independent
This debut novel is an outstanding rites-of-passage story
— Irish Examiner
This moving, funny, life-affirming tonic is as satisfying as a long glass of iced lemonade on a sultry afternoon. That special sensation of spending a summer falling in love – of dusk picnics on the beach, of stealing away to uninhabited spaces – is captured in all its giddy, weak-at-the-knees gloriousness.
No Filter is an engaging story of first love and family secrets, with characters who develop as you read. A promising debut.
— The Bookbag
This was such an authentic-feeling tale, inspired by and evoking the feelings of first love and the reckless teenage spirit. Two people are depicted strengthening both themselves and their bond by overcoming the struggles that dominate their lives and finding out who they really are on the other side of it. This is a book about learning to find your way in the world and it captures the essence of that, perfectly - no filters needed.
— United by Pop
Vibrant characterisation, seaside setting and summer romance
— Irish Times
— Irish Examiner
No Filter is a perfect summer read, bringing to life the teenage experience with biting honesty and well timed humour as well as featuring a refreshing take on the teenage romance which young adult readers will undoubtedly enjoy. The novel though, makes some striking comments about our social culture which elevates it from poolside reading to a poignant and timely exploration of our fascination with social media and the pursuit of ‘perfection’ in today’s culture.A thoroughly recommended read.
— Literature Works
Orlagh Collins describes first love with a memorable intensity, and readers will be rapt.
— Books for Keeps
Growing up is just as much about finding your own feet as it is about finding love, and Collins imbues the scenes between Liam and Emerald and their families with a tenderness that is just as touching as those between the two main characters.This is a love letter to a technological generation. It has heart, it asks hard questions, and it explores what it means to be in love at a time when imperfections can be easily airbrushed out of our lives. No Filter is a heartwarming, touching YA novel that you should definitely give a go- even if you are, like me, out of your teens.
— Roaring Bookworm